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Process Serving and Credit Referencing


Legal Proceedings

We do not believe in automatic referral for Legal Action if negotiation or compromise is a more acceptable alternative. Debt Recovery Consultants only recommends Legal Action if we believe it will be successful, thus saving our clients paying substantial Court Costs and not being able to enforce Judgements at the end of the day.

However, should the necessity arise, Debt Recovery Consultants will instigate County Court, High Court, Bankruptcy or Winding Up Proceedings on behalf of its clients. We administer proceedings, make or arrange for the necessary appearances in Court, and most importantly keep clients fully advised as to legal costs which can multiply unchallenged unless carefully controlled.

Credit Referencing

Apart from an in-house database of previous cases, on-line computer linked enquiries can be made of any business, company or individual in the United Kingdom. This prompt service provides information as to credit worthiness and financial viability, a very important feature when a substantial sum of credit is given.

Process Serving

As part of our Debt Recovery services we sometimes need to serve legal documents such as Bankruptcy Proceedings. We provide process serving in Bath and South West UK, and nationwide. As part of this service an Oath of Affidavit can be provided if required.

For further information please visit our associate company Stewart Barnes Associates.

Tracing Agents

This is also offered as a separate nationwide service. With our extensive resources and experience of acting as Tracing Agents, Debt Recovery Consultants can save you the considerable time and money you could spend in trying to track down missing debtors.

For further information please visit our associate company Stewart Barnes Associates.


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