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Debt Collection Services


In today's competitive business environment , cash flolw is one of the most vital aspects of profitability for any business, large or small. The prompt collection of outstanding debts is of primary importance. If you are experiencing difficulty, enlist the services of Debt Recovery Consultants - a leading, independent COMMERCIAL DEBT COLLECTION AGENCY with over 20 years experience.

The extensive range of services provided to our clients cover all aspects of Credit Management. As a professional Debt Collection Agency our approach is efficient, effective and economic.

Debt Collection

Our success rate on debt collection is very high and is due to a tactful, direct and swift approach towards debtors. Many companies are concerned that the intervention of a third party will lose customers, but in the majority of cases that does not occur. At the end of the day, those that are lost can generally be categorised as either dubious or not credit worthy. A good customer will either not be referred for bad debt collection or will genuinely understand the reasons for involving a third party. In fact, in many cases we have actually improved relations between our clients and their debtors. We value the contact with our clients and therefore always keep them informed of the progress of cases referred to us.

Whether it is a few specific problem debts or a large part of your Sales Ledger, Debt Recovery Consultants will produce a plan to suit, at a very reasonable cost.


For efficient, effective debt recovery contact Debt Recovery Consultants today